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***Insurance Coverage Disclaimer

Please be aware that insurance coverage for medications is determined solely by your specific insurance company. Body Good Studio does not have control over, nor are we responsible for, the coverage decisions made by your insurance provider. This includes whether your insurance will cover your medications, as well as the details of your deductible and copay amounts.We strongly advise that you consult with your insurance company or refer to your formulary list prior to selecting medications, especially if you are uncertain about your coverage. It is important to note that some medications may require prior authorization or could be denied by your insurance.

Medication Options

Options to consider if your medication requires prior authorisation or is denied by your insurance:

You may choose to complete the necessary steps for prior authorization or appeal the decision made by your insurance company.

If you prefer not to go through the authorization process or if your insurance denies coverage, you have the option to pay for the medication out of pocket.

Alternatively, you may consider selecting a different medication that is covered by your insurance.

We are committed to supporting you through this process and will provide guidance as needed. However, it is crucial for you to understand your insurance plan's specifics to make informed decisions about your medication choices.

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How it Works

Booking IconBook a Consultation

Start by scheduling your consultation through our user-friendly telehealth platform. Choose a time that fits your schedule and provide some initial details about your health concerns. This step is crucial for setting up a personalized session with one of our medical professionals, ensuring that your specific needs are addressed.

Booking IconMedical Provider Review

consultation, they will discuss your health history, current symptoms, and any specific concerns you may have. This step is vital for a thorough understanding of your condition, allowing the provider to offer the most effective treatment options tailored to you.

Booking IconGet Your Medication

Once your consultation is complete and a treatment plan is established, we'll arrange for your medication to be sent directly to you. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive your prescribed medication quickly and discreetly, so you can start your treatment without delay. This step is all about convenience and ensuring that you have access to the medication you need, when you need it.